Replit free dynamic hosting is OVER, what's next?

So, I’ve been doing back-end development certificate on freecodecamp
and today, when I tried to run my application I was surprised with a message:

" Replit Legacy Hosting has migrated to Deployments

To host your application, use Replit Deployments."

From today you need to pay money on Replit to deploy your project. No more free public dynamic hosting of your applications.

So what’s now? I see backend dev courses ,and maybe some other courses I haven’t start yet, are heavily dependent on Replit, as a free dynamic hosting service. There are specific instruction for Replit. So what’s now, I guess those courses must be rewritten to point to another service?

What are other alternatives for free dynamic nodeJS hosting we can use on courses?
Is the only alternative now?

Hello there,

Thank you for bringing this up. We are looking into the change.

For now, there are many alternatives, but some will require more work than others.

For example, many Campers host their projects on Vercel, Netlify, and Digital Ocean. These are often easiest to work with if you have/use a GitHub account. Most/all of them offer a free tier.

Hope this helps

thank you an answer. I see all those services can deploy code from github.
But are there any other solutions like replit or Glitch, which combines IDE, code hosting and live preview ?

Not that I am aware of, no. Many cloud IDEs offer a live preview, but do not persist the preview once the editor is closed: Gitpod, CodeSpaces, CodeSandbox