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Hi! I’m trying to teach myself how to use replit so that I can submit my Python exercises. Unfortunately, the help pages and the community engagement in Replit is unsettling. Anti-Asian sentiments and sex talk seems to be fairly popular on the site. Is it moderated? It just doesn’t seem to reflect the freeCodeCamp community values.

Are there alternatives to using Replit? Or is there another way for me to learn how to use the Replit framework? I just can’t stomach weeding through that kind of content in order to educate myself. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I did the coding in Visual Studio and would simply like to figure out how to adapt to the Replit environment.

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Challenge: Arithmetic Formatter

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We don’t really have any control over the moderation or content in replit user forums. I have never been on their forums, so I can’t really comment on how they run things. What you described definitely sounds pretty terrible, and we don’t allow content like that on our forums.

If you have questions about freeCodeCamp projects, you can certainly post them here instead. This would likely be a more productive place to post those questions.

If you already have code, then porting it over to replit is a matter of copy-paste.

First you click on the link in the instructions to clone the repl we set up with the boilerplate and the tests

Then you paste your code for the arithmetic_arranger function into the file

Lastly, you click run and see what error messages come up

We can help you understand the output from the test suite and fix the errors.

As @JeremyLT said, we don’t have any influence over replit content. We use their product as a teaching tool, like we do CodePen, Codeally, and Monaco.

Do you mean ? I haven’t read through their documentation or tutorials much, but they look like pretty standard explanations of the technology. I’m not sure what other community engagement you’ve found. I see that there is a Discord linked in their docs, and I usually assume that most open Discord servers are unpleasant places to be. If you have trouble with Replit specifically, you can always ask here where we ban anyone is isn’t nice.

Sure. I’ve used CodeSandbox and Stackblitz in the past. I believe that there are other, similar tools.

Replit isn’t really a framework. It’s a website that provides an online development tool. I don’t think you should need to learn that much about it in order to use it, but if you are having trouble using the tool without having to ask crappy people for help, then I recommend using a different tool or doing your development locally.

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Thanks. Maybe I was over-reacting.

I 100% agree that I wouldn’t want anything to do with the sort of behavior you described.

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