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I’m pretty new to Github/Replits in general and I don’t really know where anything is, I’ve looked it up and still couldn’t find anything. Can anyone show me where I can get the solution link? (sorry if this is a dumb question)

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solution: Invitation to collaborate on Replit - Replit

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Challenge: Install and Require Helmet

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What do you mean by the “solution link”, I’m not sure I understand?

To be honest with you, I’m not sure ether. But here’s what it’s asking for:

That is for the live link from the preview window.

Hm, I think that worked but now I’m getting this error. ```
“Helmet version 3.21.3 should be in package.json”
But it already is within package.json.

Install Helmet version 3.21.3 , then require it.

Did you do the last part?

How do I require it?

Did you skip some part of the curriculum, how have you used packages up til now?

Look at how express is brought in the file at the top or read the docs.

I don’t understand, I simply ran the command it asked me to run within the console. It installed helment into package.json as intended, I just never required it and do not know how to do so. It never mentioned anything about an “Express app” as it’s talking about in the docs. Maybe I’m just slow, sorry about this.

Information Security with HelmetJS

This programming course focuses on HelmetJS, a type of middleware for Express-based applications that automatically sets HTTP headers. This way it can prevent sensitive information from unintentionally being passed between the server and client.

HelmetJS is an npm package, you use it in your Node.js app like any other package.

I feel like you might be rushing this. This part of the curriculum is far ahead of when you learned about Node/Express/npm/packages. You are expected to know how to require in a package at this point.

I see what you mean now, and you’re right I went way too far ahead.

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