Replit project is not working as it should

Hey, i’ve started data analysis course and now i try to do the projects that the course contain so that i can get a freeCodeCamp certificate. After i have finished three of the five projects and started the fourth project i found a problem when i import the project from github as i don’t find the Use run command option and can select it and click on Done, i haven’t faced this problem before, i used to find it as an option but now even when i import the first three projects again i don’t find the Use run command option.
(Check the picture to see the problem i have)

The command you should use is python3 (Remember that it’s where the functions are initialized).

After all this, you will still get dependecy errors, so install the required once:

pip install matplotlib pandas seaborn

Last, I sugest you to take a look into matplotlib documentation/examples:


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