Request for testing of my finished project

Hi, so I just finished my Local Weather project and all of the functionality works for me, but since I’m sure the folks on here are from around the world, just wanted to make sure it works for people in other states and countries (that aren’t the USA) as well. :wink: Would appreciate any reports especially from non-Americans, thanks!

Also, any feedback on my project (particularly on any of my code, if I can improve anything) would be appreciated as well.

I added 3 features that weren’t required, two of which are visually obvious and the third is a color-theme change depending on the time of day (bright colors during the day, and dark colors at night), so I’d be interested in hearing if that works especially for those in other countries.

Link to my CodePen

Doesn’t work in Chrome.

Tested in FF (with protection off). Console shows Mixed content (that’s why it doesn’t work in Chrome).

The yellow background color is too yellow :wink:

“Refresh” button doesn’t work. (Looks like CodePen has removed .reload());

^ Thanks, completely neglected to test the project in Chrome (as I prefer Firefox) so I hadn’t realized that it didn’t work over HTTPS. I just fixed it up on CodePen though, so it should work in Chrome as well as IE/Edge now.

I also toned down the yellow and took out the Refresh button, didn’t know earlier that CodePen strips that function.

I see I’ve gotten some views but no other reports, I guess it’s worked for those who’ve viewed it so far?

Sorry, but it still doesn’t work in Chrome. I just tested it. Because the Codepen URL is HTTP instead of HTTPS, it won’t work in Chrome. They recently removed geolocation from non-encrypted connections. If it helps, I used an IP call on mine to get cross-browser support.

Works well in Firefox, though I thought at first it was broken because it lags a bit (mine does, too; I’ll have to improve it as my code improves). I really like that you included the update time. And it’s showing up dark, so that’s working. I’m in Virginia, USA, so I’m not sure if that helps.

Altogether nice work. :wink: