Requesting feedback and miscellaneous questions about my portfolio

Hello my portfolio is online and I would have loved getting feedback from people working in the field.
Here’s the link to my portfolio :

I also have a couple questions concerning the best way to carry on this project.

  1. I’m French and currently have an English and French version for everything, do you think it’s a good thing to put it all in the same website ? Or should I get two different websites ?

  2. I’m planning on starting blogging about Django to help other developpers as well as learning new things, do you think I should keep it for the French version or put it in the English one as well ?
    My reasoning is that there’s a lot more English Django bloggers than French so getting some exposure will be a lot harder and the fact that I will have to translate every article and maintain two different websites kinda makes me think it’s better to focus on France first and then expand when I have a good audience.

  3. Is SEO a top priority ? Typing my name on google will show my portfolio near the end of the first page, should I push for more content first or more visibility ?

Don’t hesitate to point out any mistake and even tiny details.

Thanks for giving your time to help me improve my website.
Have a good day.

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Looks like it works well overall. I have some suggestions, please know it isn’t meant to be mean, some is personal preference:


  • change the spacing on the Skills text to be closer to the respective logo.
  • use a different JavaScript logo.
  • “I’ve been programming for years have always been eager to expand my skills.” doesn’t make sense.
  • match the “user experience” logo size to the other two.


  • the “More informations” button when you hover should be “More information”.

Finally, I think your landing page is… a bit boring. Maybe spruce it up with your own style?

Thanks for your feedback, I will make the changes you suggested.
I agree with your final comment, I’ll work on something that’s less boring and feels more personnal.

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I should’ve seen this earlier!
Your portfolio is So impressive!!!
I don’t know about putting french in a different website.

My Idea For Different Languages:

Maybe put a fixed banner on the top of the page that is really thin and has the text ‘Translate’ on it.
When hovered over, the banner should show a list of languages to be translated into.
When one of the languages are clicked, the page translates into the desired language.

Hello, thank you for your feeedback, glad you liked it.
Yeah I think that having one page and fetching the appropriate content based on the language is better.
I chose individual pages for each translation because it was easier and it wasn’t that bad for a small project but if I want to create blog content and create a lot weekly then it should be done, it will also give me a blogpost article subject and a live example, win-win I guess ah.

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