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I left my portfolio unfinished, so it’s my last project before getting the front-end certificate.

Portfolio Paolo Di Bello
Complete Website

CodePen Pens:
Portfolio Homepage Paolo Di Bello
Portfolio Projects Paolo Di Bello

I don’t care if you’re a beginner as well, a helping hand is always appreciated.
I was thinking about adding bootstrap tooltips on each programming language to give more detail about how I’ve learned them and how good I know them. I wanted to create something different from the usual portfolio (I don’t know it is a good idea after all the effort I put into it).

The code is so messy but at least I have an idea of how I want my website to look like (not sure about that though). I’ll probably re-write it using a different framework. I really need a feedback from you guys, it feels like I’ve messed everything up because I wanted to do it my way and there are a bunch of bad practices in the code.

The page I’ve been working on the most is the one in which I show my projects, I could have just put some images of the projects and by clicking one of them they would been redirected to the pen. But what if they also wanted to get more info about the project? In the projects page, I describe what each website is about and I’ll also be giving them details about what I’ve learned from the project.

I could still possibly add the images on the homepage and if they wanted more details they would be redirected to the projects page.

In another section, I’ll be also explaining why I didn’t include all the projects I’ve made in all the programming languages and framework I know.
I’ll also have to redo some projects I’ve been doing as a beginner, they look really bad especially if they weren’t copied (I don’t mean copy and paste) from someone else.

More projects coming soon.

Both feedback about the design and the code are welcome.
I know I don’t deserve the front-end certificate but I am working my way out to deserve it, hopefully, I’ll get good enough someday. :relieved: :relieved:

It’s been 2 weeks since the last time and my project still doesn’t look that good.
Ok, I should stop comparing my project with the ones of the others SMH.

A point on your design: because your portfolio page really seems to be doubling as a digital resume, you should think about highlighting the projects a lot more. All of the other stuff is just lists of skills that potential employers have no way of verifying except by looking at your projects. They should definitely be featured near the top, with the lists of skills relegated to a spot at the bottom.

In addition, as a personal thing, I dislike using bar graphs of skills like you've done for languages. What does it mean to a potential employer that your English is nearly full? I would just list those out without trying to quantify your proficiency in each. If you have examples or experience you can relate in using those languages (maybe write a project in German!) that would be even better.

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You’re absolutely right, that’s exactly what I wanted to do, proving my skills using them in projects.
About the languages, I was thinking about translating the portfolio into different languages maybe using an external XML, I don’t really know yet, I’ll have to watch some tutorial or look it up on Google. I also dislike the idea of the bar but I really hate to type out things because I think it would bore a potential employer.

I love the idea of translating your portfolio into different languages. If you do that, I would eliminate the bars altogether and just leave the tab as:


  • Italian

  • English

  • German

  • Spanish

  • Portugese

  • Japanese

and make each word a clickable link that navigates to that language's version of your portfolio (apply the colors from the bars to the hyperlinks to add some visual flair).

I would not be able to translate it into Japanese since I am still a beginner but never mind. It’s not even worth mentioning if I don’t know it that well.

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I was thinking about adding a row with the different flags.

That’s a great idea, but beware of adding too much color to the page, otherwise it will look too busy, and you already have a lot of color with all the icons. One kind of radical change would be to replace all those colored icons with the more minimalist versions from Font Awesome. I think you’ll find most of those in their library. If you’re going for a minimalist look that could be a good change.

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