Review of personal portfolio


After couple of months learning to code, I’ve created my personal portfolio showing some of works. Projects from FCC are included also.
Would appreciate any feedback and suggestions. This page helped me getting into some interviews so far, but for sure there’s a lot to enhance and add more features.
I prefer minimalistic style, so there’s not much ‘buzzers’.

My portfolio page

I don’t really like keeping everything black and white. But since that’s the style you - I assume - chose intentionally, not for me to judge.

Cartography and web development, interesting combo! :slight_smile:

I think your page looks great! I really like how each view shows a different map in the header.

I have a few suggestions for you:

Remove the 5px border from the body. I’m not sure if there’s a reason that’s there, but it’s distracting to me.

On your homepage give your Skills and technologies used section more breathing room on top.

I would also maybe argue that the skills and technologies section on your homepage is not adding much value to the page or the portfolio. I think people viewing your portfolio (potential employers) would prefer to see your work.
Right now I have extra clicks to see your projects. The projects are the meat of the portfolio and now they’re kind of hidden.

If you move them to the homepage maybe in each project description you can list the technologies you used in the project. So that way the information is still there, but you’re showing your work, not just a list of logos.

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Thank You for comprehensive feedback. I didn’t think this way, to put my web projects right on to home page. Maybe it is a good idea, to show them immediately after someone visit the page.
And, to be honest, I used the logos of technologies, because I saw such a thing on many professional portfolio sites :smiley: