Please give me some advice on my portfolio, Thanks

This is my portfolio with my core works.

If you guys review and give me some advice, I really appreciate that.

Plus, I’m looking for a job in London at the moment

Do you guys have any advice about getting a job in London ??

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10/10 a great site dude.

I’m not sure if I can give advice, but I can refer you to Joshua Fluke on YouTube, he has a lot of content about this kind of stuff and can help out with the portfolio.

But this is a great portfolio, be proud about it!

Wow! Full portfolio in a short period of time learning (last january) How did you manage your time?

  • You definitely need to minimize and manage the font size for mobile version especially for header and footer part .

  • I don’t think there’s any need for that black border after every section. Also , give each section a proper title and description for easy navigation .

Thanks, those are good points and I have fixed some of them.

You have some language problems on your site. I would ask a native speaker to look it over and make corrections if you are planning to use it for professional purposes.

The last item in your menu is cut off.

If you can, get an email address with a custom domain (i.e. your name) instead of a Gmail address. It looks more professional.

Aside from that, good job!

forAUTH looks a bit weird to me