Requesting Portfolio and Resume Review

Goodness knows I’m nowhere near being job ready, but I figure it’d help to know where my specific problem areas are as of now.

For now I blacked out my address and phone number

Subconsciously, gray means silent/ disabled/ not very important. You try to show your projects and skills to potential employee but they are grayed out, which I also felt not enthusiastic and open them to see what you have did. Make them colorful and may be also put a thumbnail of how it looks like. That’s only thing I can currently think of. Dont gray out your important stuff.

Hi @Bl1xvan !

Here are my thoughts :slight_smile:

  • You don’t need to say self taught. Since you haven’t listed a CS degree or bootcamp, the assumption is that you are self taught. You can just say developer
  • Don’t include your address. They don’t need to know those specifics. Just leave your email.
  • Anytime you list technology names, you need to spell them correctly. For example Javascript needs to be JavaScript
  • I know you stated that you aren’t looking for jobs right now, but when it comes to projects you want to stay away from listing class projects that everyone does. Getting a job at the entry level is really competitive and lots of people will list those same class projects. You want to work towards building projects outside of class that take a while to build and have more complexity to them. That will create more interesting project descriptions and help you stand out from the crowd. Plus it will give you something to talk about in interviews.
  • it looks like you have a few capitalization errors in University

It is smart that you are learning about how to write good resumes now. Potential employers will only look at your resume for a few seconds, so it is really important to give a good first impression.

Here are some good articles to read on resumes too

Hope that helps!

  • I wouldn’t suggest to say that you’re “self taught” upfront. Just leave that part out. And I’d also say to not call yourself a front end developer quite yet, when you haven’t yet had experience. That byline doesn’t really add much for you as it is right now.
  • Don’t post your full address, that can just be city and state.
  • I’d say someone with your skills is likely to be very common, and unfortunately the list is both basic and limited. Lots of companies use the MERN stack or a variation of it. You’ll need to branch out a bit more to get an extra leg up when applying to jobs - i.e. it could be a good idea to start learning Ruby and Rails, and a relational database (PostgreSQL is a good modern one). Also more of the React ecosystem, like Redux and Next.js.
  • From the looks of it, your projects are all fairly basic and don’t really do much to demonstrate ability. You’ll need to have a good grasp of full-stack fundamentals to land a dev job, and I’d suggest doing a large full-stack project to demonstrate that. My standard recommendation nowadays is to create something like a functional copy of Amazon’s e-commerce app w/ user registration, with things like unit / integration / e2e testing to round it out.
  • What have you been doing since 2014? That’s a fairly long block of time that’s unaccounted for on the resume. You’re going to need to provide info on what you’ve been doing since then, even if it’s not a dev-related job. That sort of missing info is typically grounds for immediate rejections.
  • At a higher level I’m going to say that you’re going to be competing with coding bootcamp graduates when applying to jobs, who will probably get higher consideration than you. So you’re going to need to look about as effective as they do, and at this point based off the resume, I’d say you’re not quite there yet. But you can get there! It’ll just take you some more time.

Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out the color scheme.

You may found useful learning about colour theory:
Colour theory
Also, I love this website where it shows really nice combinations of colours:


If you intend to freelance, best put “frontend work preferred” when talking to cooperate clients on sites like LinkedIn, looking for contract work.

Just looking at the app, you should change the default title and favico.

Why doesn’t your welcome page have information? That is valuable space and attention. Don’t give them a scavenger hunt. Tell them who you are, introduce yourself.

If you want a form to mail you, fine, but also share your email. They may want to save it for later.

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