Reset password issue/suggestion

Hi guys,

Great job with the website. Really appreciate all the effort you put into this, it helps aspiring devs like myself get on the right track in learning front end development.

My issue was, I logged in freecodecamp beta, and wouldn’t you know it, I had forgotten my password :slight_smile:

I reset my password and got an email with a reset link.

The link didn’t specify the beta subdomain in the link so the link kept redirecting me to the original freecodecamp website so I constantly got an “invalid token” message.

After a closer look at the link I realized what the issue was and manually added the “beta.” part in the URL and it worked.

My suggestion was that you might want to change the generated reset link from the beta site, so that future clumsy users like myself, that tend to forget passwords, don’t run into this issues and start panicking :slight_smile:

Again, amazing job,
Best regards

Check out this link. I,ve been using this for several years and it helps me greatly. I only have to remember 1 password and then I have access to all my passwords.

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Thank for the info good sir, but I’ve got one even better, I bought a tiny notebook and a pen :wink:

Hack that ! :smiley: