Resources for building appointment site


I am trying to build an appointment booking website with payment option. Can you please guide me to the resources that will help me in the process?


you need front-end, back-end, database, and at least a payment management integration

are you following the freecodecamp curriculum? that will give you a bunch of the techniques needed for that

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Is this a learning exercise, or are you trying to build something for real use? If you’re a beginner and you need a professional tool, I honestly recommend using a tool or service to build this. There is a lot of complexity in a project like this and because it deals with people’s personal information and credit cards you need to be very careful about doing it securely.


This is a learning exercise for now but later converts into a professional tool.

If you want to handle real money, use an established tool unless you can handle real lawsuits when user payment data is stolen.

I agree with Jeremy that you’ll want to use an established service to handle payment processing, but if right now you’re doing this as a learning exercise, you can mock piece in the backend.

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