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Sorry for this question but I am trying to understand how projects are tested after submission. It is not related to coding but with the submission of the challenges. I thought at first that once we submit each one of the five projects if all was correct the challenge will be 100% completed. This doesn’t seem to be the case. Since we have 5 projects, for every completed challenge 20% is added to the score, right?
Now, I am curious about something else. I created my form with no CSS. I just wanted to make sure everything was displaying and working properly. And it is. When I test it keeps showing 20%. Do I have to always submit with CSS implemented?
Also, when I work on my project I can’t see the “Run Tests” window on the left like the one displayed on this page
Am I missing something?

Welcome to the forums @kastamp.
None of the projects are graded. In the RWD part, you complete and submit your projects, sign the Academic Honesty Policy and you can claim your certificate. From what I understand, projects are chosen randomly and gone over to ensure that it’s original work and all tests pass.

After you complete each project you have the option of opening a topic in the ‘Project Feedback’ forum and let others look over your project and give you feedback.

When you fork each of the projects there is a test script that you should keep. It looks like this (which is just like the one on that page),
<script src=""></script>
Keep it in the HTML section of codepen, or if you write in an editor, just place it before the closing body tag.

I’m not sure what you mean by “when it tests it keeps showing 20%”. When you run it, it should tell you how many tests passed out of how many tests. You’ll see something like “Tests 17/17” in a green button. If tests fail you’ll see something like “Tests 16/17” in a red button. Clicking on the button will show you all the tests including the failing one with an explanation (sometimes cryptic, sometimes not) of why it failed.

Thanks Roma!
I am attaching two images. The first one is the one with the 20% result.
The second image is the one that doesn’t show when I paste my project. I don’t know why.

Now, I am confused. I have to complete all five projects to claim my certificate, right?


Second image below:

Re: first image. Yes, that means you’ve completed and submitted one of the five projects. Yes, you have to complete all five to claim the RWD certificate.

Re: second image. That’s the script that I mentioned in my first response. It’s the same one that’s in the “this page” that you linked in your post. If you’re using codepen, that script will go into the HTML section of your pen and you’ll see the green hamburger menu which you expand to run the tests. If you’re using a code editor like Brackets, or VSCode, paste it right before the closing body tag. When you open the the page in live preview or open the page in your browser, you’ll see the green hamburger menu.

Edit: When you submit your project you won’t see the run tests. You’ll see that while you’re coding your project.

Are you using codepen to create your projects? Paste the link to it so I can see.

Hi Roma,
It is working! Now I can see the test is running. Thank you so much!

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