Responsive Web Design Certification Query

Can Responsive Web Design Certification projects be done just by using HTML/CSS, with only what I have learned here? or not?
I have done two projects and found it a little hard. when I searched on google for these, I saw most of the developer has used javascript, bootstrap or some other higher-end technologies.

can someone tell me whether I should move to javascript or first complete these projects?

Thank you.

Hi would you be so kind to provide us with a link to the challenge?
if you mean those then yes you should be able to pass with html/css since that is what we learned in the lessons so far.

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Do it all with HTML and CSS.
I know it sucks to use only those, but it’s good to get a basic understanding of the framework languages before you use anything on top of that.


Yes. I am trying. but getting it all together is difficult.
thanks for the reply.

okay. Thanks. May be I am having difficulty connecting all. Thanks.

It’s fine I am struggeling with the first challenge of it as well. So I understand it can be hard :3 that link did help me out lots sure it will be able to help you 2

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