Responsive Web Design - Learn CSS Colors

Hi everyone,

The first exercise in Learn CSS colors seem to be bugging out. I checked the second exercise and what I had entered is correct. This is the error message I get:

Error Message: Your html element should be below the DOCTYPE declaration.

Just wanted to flag for the dev team. Thanks!

It helps if you provide a link to the challenge and the code needed to reproduce.

As I recall though, this is some strange issue in Firefox.

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Yep, there is an active discussion about this. The most likely result will be that this particular test is going away since having the DOCTYPE on a line by itself isn’t required.

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Sorry about that:

<!DOCTYPE html>


But yea, just might be a browser thing. Appreciate the help and response!

oh I see, thanks for the insight!

Solved the issue by switching to Google Chrome. Was using Safari before. Thanks!