Responsive web design project challenge 5

Why da fak this is not even close to this

Where did I go wrong?

why do you want to imitate that?
you should start from scratch and just do one page that satisfy user stories, and that you like

I suggest you to follow these steps:

  • add the test suite (paste this at the top of your html window: <script src=""></script>)
  • run the test suite, try to make all of the tests pass
  • if you get stuck, ask for help

Thanks but why did it fail there I can t figure it out.

You have copied the css, then removed the id and classes from some elements, and then the css can’t style those elements anymore

make it pass all the tests and it will be more similar already

but I strongly advice you to try to complete the projects starting from scratch, not copying an already existing project

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Am just trying to finish these so that I can start JavaScript :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: and am gonna fail all I guess but it s ok. I will come back when am ready to do it from scratch. :medal_sports:

why don’t you start already? nothing stops you from going already to the next certification

Yeah I started. But all challenges I have done so far I finished them. So I did with responsive web design. But I am aware that I can do much better and learn many things before I wish to actually get certificate for finishing it. :partying_face: