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Hello! I’ve done the course of Responsive Web Design and I have my certification. I’ve done each step but And here my doubt, I notice that we only need to make all the steps, but it doesn’t mean that We have to make the full project… For example: The first one is the Tribute Page and I’ve done it, but not the full CSS and have my progress full even without the CSS of that Project (And this is what give the beauty to the Project). So if We make everything in that way (Only steps that require the project and not the full project), We finish all requirement and claim the certification, and here another Detail, When We go to the Certification Link and check the Projects that We have done to get the Certification, Surprise the first project is only HTML because the CSS was no required and skip it to the next one.

So this is not beauty if We go to an interview and a Guy wanna check the Project. Can We Update the code? In that way It’ll be show with all the details We update this time and It’ll be more proudful for an interview.

I hope You understand my point.

HI @Juanchess !

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These types of projects wouldn’t be considered complex enough to show to potential employers.
When it comes time to apply for jobs, you will want to build projects with more complexity to them.
As you progress throughout the curriculum, you will pick up more skills and gain the knowledge on how to build your own projects that would be complex enough for job interviews.

When it comes to the certificates, those are more for you and practicing your skills.
There will be some projects where it won’t take a lot to pass the basic requirements.
But I would suggest going beyond the basic requirements as a way to challenge yourself and get more practice.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks! I’m starting the course of JS and after it I’ll go for the Front end Developer. When You say “Progress throughout the curriculum” You refer to continue all the courses on the list, right?

I’m excited about it and I’ll give my best with the others!

I wouldn’t worry about completing all of the courses since that is technically impossible since the course list is always expanding.

I would say the bare minimum for front end would be the first three certifications.
I would also look at doing some of the practice projects for the Relational database curriculum and Backend cert.

Also, after you get that first job, you will still be learning a ton as a junior dev. So you might find yourself going through more courses along the way. But at that point you will be getting paid to learn and grow on the job which is a cool thing. :slight_smile:

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That’s Great! I’ll continue with the others, Thanks!

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