Certificate of responsive web design

Hello, I want to know whether just passing the test cases is enough for the certificate or do I need to make sure there are no mistakes in the design for example to be eligible for it ?

You only need to meet the stated requirements and pass the test cases.

HOWEVER, the real value of the projects comes from what you learn while doing it. If you leave it with known mistakes, then you haven’t really learned how to accomplish the goal.

This is your education. I advise taking ownership of it.



Technically, as long as your projects pass the automatic checks, you are all good and will earn the certification.

:warning: HOWEVER, these projects are the perfect time to practice everything you’ve been learning - so why not spend an extra bit of time making sure they look good and the code is clean?

If that still isn’t enough motivation…

When you earn your certificate, it will be accessible via a link (which you might want to share on your LinkedIn profile or elsewhere to help with getting a job), and on that link is a list for visitors to view the projects you made. So it would look a bit silly if you want to show off your qualification to people, only for them to then click through to the work you did to actually earn the qualification, for the projects to be poor and of a low standard. It would take away from the achievement.

For example I just finished my first fCC JS project. Take a look below. I could have done pretty much zero CSS styling and would’ve still passed, but instead I wanted to make it something actually pleasant to look at and use. It makes it something I’d actually be happy to share and for potential employers to look at:

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thanks for clarification. I actually knew that, but I had a problem with how to effectively deal with how to make the page look good on smaller screens and felt it’s too time consuming since I have no idea what I’m doing and just trying random values until something looks good and got frustrated.

You could always just build an initial project that passes the tests, then come back to it again later once you’ve improved your skills, and add tweaks to the projects to reflect your increased ability.

I did this myself to the Survey Form project. Initially I just built a rather ugly form that passed the tests as my CSS skills weren’t great. But by the end of the course my CSS knowledge had obviously improved, so I went back to the Survey Form project and updated it.

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