Responsive Web Design Updates

the certification is the same, the projects are the same, if you complete in Legacy they appear completed in the new one and viceversa

Great! New curriculum is awesome, I hope other courses will be updated soon in a similar way :grinning:

I started FCC with the legacy program and now have completed the updated program. I love the new design. its easier to learn this way for me at least. I cant wait for them all to be updated. thank you

Make sure your are login for the most part because if you are not login you still can code and edit but just that you can’t safe for that specific session, Hope that helps!.

I guess I’m really late to figuring out that I’m on the old curriculum… I’d like to switch to the new one but I don’t wanna start from the very beginning? I just started with the “Applied Accessiblity” unit. Is there a good jumping off point in the new curriculum that matches (roughly) where I’m at now?

not really, the new curriculum is structured differently

As I have completed the legacy course in full and now I am going through the new course, I can say I like the new design better. I am learning new things from the new course, although the legacy one is fully completed. However, I feel that the new course does not focus that much on certain aspects compared to the legacy one. For example, I feel Flexbox was explained much better in the legacy course, with more information on it that I found helpful. The new course model only gives you one example of justify-content and align-items, whereas the legacy course gave you the full list of options for these two properties and gave you the freedom to experiment with it. Apart from that, I love it!

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before when u click the free code camp logo there was a button at the top of all the challenges that was to go to ur challenge, will u add it again. Cos it was handy

me to but i just started again from the beginning, its not that bad. The new one is good, in different ways.