Restaurant Menu Display

Hi Guys,

Please provide your feedback and suggestions on the Restaurant Menu Display project that I just completed using Javascript.

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The page looks very nice! I am impressed with the use of DOM manipulation :slight_smile:

Also, this description made me lol

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

God I actually forgot to change the description of Buttermilk Pancakes. I just copied it from another page. Infact I dont even know the meaning of this :joy:

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It’s not bad and looks nice. A few suggestions:

  • The menu at the top should have an indicator to show which one is active
  • Narrow the browser down until it shows only one column of food. Now manually increase the text size. You will see that at some point the menu items at the top start to disappear off the right side of the page and there is a horizontal scroll bar
  • Don’t skip heading levels. The current h3 should be an h1 and the h4’s should be h2’s
  • Actually, you currently have two h4’s for each item. That should probably change. The name of the item should be an h2. I’m not sure what the “Rs” number represents but it should probably not be the same level of heading as the item name (if it should even be a heading?)
  • You might consider using a figure/figcaption for the the items
  • Technically, all the images need alt text. If you don’t want to add the alt text then set alt="" and and aria-hidden=“true” for screen readers

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback :slight_smile:

I have added alt to the images now. I will work on your other suggestions.