Tribute page-suggestions please

See the Pen yzxWwe by Brad Mason (@Jbmason1990) on CodePen.

I’m no sure if i linked the project correctly, but this is my first attempt at putting together a project.
Please leave me any suggestions you might have

See the Pen yzxWwe by Brad Mason (@Jbmason1990) on CodePen.

updated link, now working

i have finished my firs portfolio website, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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@bradmason1990 Looks nice. I noticed your img elements don’t have alt attributes ( Also, on my mobile device, the top menu overlaps with the “Simple Responsive Design” heading. Other than these things, the rest looks great to me. :smile:

thanks for the response.
originally i had line breaks causing the top menu to be stacked instead of all on one line.
i dont know what happened, but the line breaks stopped functioning and now they’'re all on one line.