Return number of rows in google sheets file


I am trying to display the number of rows in a google sheets file on my webpage. How do I do that?

Do you have a link to what you have programmed so far? Just knowing you have a webpage and a google sheets file isn’t a ton of info to work with

It is a squarspace website, it is a non-profit organization that allows users to request absentee ballots, I am trying to add a javascript method that will display the number of the last row of the google sheet, and then use that method to show visitors of the website how many total absentee ballot request have been made. I just do not know where to go to find information on how to do that.

I personally do not have experience with working with google sheets, but here’s what I found with a few minutes of research. I’d start with the Google Sheets Reader walkthrough because it is a lot lighter than trying to use the full API. Hope it helps!