Review my resume and portfolio website

Hey guys,
I’ve been applying to a quite a large number of jobs but i’m not getting any positive result.
Please review my resume here.
and also my portfolio website here.

Why only 1 month at the engineer role? If still employed, change end date to “Present”. If it only lasted 1 month, it looks like a red flag. Consider whether it’s necessary to include.

You should add a link to your github and the code repositories for each project.

Thanks Ethan, for taking time to review my resume.
But i think you read it wrong, that position is for 1 year (Dec 2018 - Dec 2019). But that makes me think that, if you can read it wrong, so can anyone else. I’ll make it to present.

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Oh I see, yes I think marking Present is better if you’re still working there. Also what type of engineer work were you doing? Is there anything related to web development? How are you applying for jobs? Just online? Are you sending your resume directly to someone that is involved in the hiring process at the company or just pressing apply now on Indeed? If you aren’t doing the above, I would highly recommend it.

You might want to put your skills at the top of the page. Imagine a office coordinator looking at your resume and just looking for some key technology that the CTO told them is needed. Put it right at the top so they can find it.

Hi @Tarun7singh I just saw your resume and I found it great, a lot of projects with great tools, but I agree completely with @ethanvernon that you should move the skill section to make it more visible. Also another think I found strange was that you have nothing to add in the section education and work experience, it looks like you did nothing important in your junior experience and in the university.

Move your skills to the top so HR can scan the keywords. Keep the keywords relevant to things you can interview about and to the job you apply. If I want a Front-End Developer, why would I hire a full-stack? If I want someone comfortable with service development, why would I hire a full-stack?

Place bullets in your experience. The bullets need to list what impact you’ve had. If you’re working on a project that is worth $ million than you write that you’re contributing to a project worth $ million. Find the impact of your work and write it. When you’ve got that move it up.

For your projects in your resume I want you to be clearer about what you’re demonstrating with that demo. Don’t make me think about why you’re showing me this project. If I want someone who can integrate with APIs, you need to tell me that is what you did. I want someone who can do IoT, tell me what you did. I want someone who is comfortable with OSS, tell me that you’d did it. Every one of those projects MUST tell me that you have some skill related to my needs.

Also, no errors, warnings, etc allowed when I inspect through the browser.

Your portfolio is fine, but there are warnings and if I cared about your FED skills I’d question if you understood semantic HTML, and I’d ask if you understood things other than bootstrap. I saw in your javascript you have a fun facts bit of section. It looks like there are some issues with it.

When it comes to your portfolio and these projects, don’t put something in front of hiring managers and peer devs that they can find fault in. None of the stuff I saw is major, but I’m also showing what I’d do if I saw your things come across my desk.