Roman Converter Feedback Request

Hi everyone,
I would love to receive some feedback (both, style and/or code optimization) for my Roman Numeral Converter Project. I created an interface and added some style to it, in order to add it to my portfolio. Thank you!!

Hey, it’s a pretty cool project. I like the design and styling too.

A small tip: remove the outline of the input element when it’s active (it has a blue border) to keep the consistency, since it’s a default behavior and doesn’t really fit the style IMO :slight_smile:

Thank you for let me now, it’s removed now. :grin:
I didn’t notice the input outline on Firefox, but with Chrome, it doesn’t fit the style as you pointed out.

Nice, looks better now :slight_smile:

Yup, it does. Thank you for the tip, again :wink: