Run cypress tests

I am trying to run cypress tests in gitpod but they fail whay ???

Welcome there,

Without any information, all we can do is guess:

  • Cypress is not installed
  • The correct command is not being run
  • The code being tested is causing tests to fail
  • The test code is incorrectly written

Please provide more details for more help.

I’m just trying to run the already existing tests.
1- I forked the repo
2- run Gitpod workspace
3- mongo seed
4- install cypress tools
4- Npm run cypress:dev:run

What are you seeing in the terminal output?

when the server run I got
Stack: Error: Access token is required for this request
at requestAuthorisation (/workspace/freeCodeCamp/api-server/src/server/middlewares/request-authorization.js:62:11)

when I run with Cypress tests
faild to adjust OOM score of renderer with pid 24883 : permission denied (13)


Is the Mongo instance running?

Yes DataBase works. I’m just wondering if I need it to work in my local computer to get it to work or they can run
in gitpod

I often run the tests in Gitpod. So, most of them should work.

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