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var our Name;

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Challenge: Declare JavaScript Variables

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your code syntax is wrong here

for declaring variable
syntax is

var variableName = 'variable value' ;

form your code your are giving space for variable name like our space and then name
rules writing variable name

rule 1 => variable name can not start with number but can end with number
example :

var  1name = 'rio' ; //wrong
var name1 = 'rio'; // correct

rule 2 => variable name don’t have space

var my name = 'rio'; //wrong because of space between my and name
var myName = 'rio'; // correct

rule 3 => variable name can’t start with any special letter like @,#,%,^,& so on but only can with $
example :

var #myname = 'rio' // wrong
var 1myname = 'rio' // wrong 
var $myName = 'rio' // correct this is only case here other are not allowed

and use camel case for good easy read
example :

var myname =  'rio' // normale case myname is hard to read 
var myName =  'rio' // it is  easy now to read this is camel case 

camel case : writing every first words first letter capital except first letter
example :

var myNameIs ; // here m is small and N and I are capital

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