Running Code in fCC?

Is there a way to execute code that is part of freeCodeCamp within the camp or do I need to download it and place it into my local website to run it go get to look at what it is producing? It would make solving problems much easier and straight forward.

You can run most of the freeCodeCamp challenge code in your browser.


Are you asking about the projects where you have to clone the GitHub repository and then upload the link with a solution? If yes, then you can do it both on your personal computer and then upload somewhere (as long as it’s not a project - localhost will be enough), or code in on Otherwise, if you are asking about challenges especially JavaScript ones, sure you can do that in your preferred editor, the debugger can be helpful in this case but eventually, you will have to input the code inside of the code editor on FCC.

Thanks for the feedback. I was hoping not to have to download to see the code in operation but it is what it is.

As Jeremy said above, you can actually do most of the curriculum without having to download anything locally. As mentioned above you can use as a development environment which allows you to write almost all of your code in the browser. Other possible mention is, which also provides an online IDE to run your projects.

Its possible your concerned with something doing something else “non-locally” which may or may not be possible to do in the cloud, however there are multiple ways to work around most things using these online tools.

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