Running FCC Offline

This has been a topic that seems to have been brought up about once every few years, but can’t seem to find any recent solutions.

I’ve found this which seems to be an offline FCC version for Windows, but the last commit was in 2016. Does anyone know if there’s a staging of FCC to use? I don’t necessarily NEED it at the moment, but I spend a fair amount of time on trains with no wifi or mobile data, and it would be nice to keep progressing with FCC during those hours. I also imagine it would be useful for other people with limited access to internet.

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I can understand your situation @holdenmad. It’s very rare to get good internet connectivity on trains.

You can set up the platform locally by following these steps:

You’ll be able to solve challenges locally. And when you get access to internet connectivity you can update the challenges to the latest version. Also, you can contribute to the open source codebase of

If you have any queries, I’ll be happy to answer them :slight_smile:.

Happy coding.

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Amazing, thanks @vivek-agrawal27! I’ll try it out and let you know how it works. :slight_smile:

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