S-town Podcast with John B. McLemore

5 stars you say? whaaaaaaaaaa? It’s not even about coding

But: :hashtag:




end of the world conspiracies

complexity of living beings

hedge mazes



Trump’s America…

P.S. trigger warning episode 3 caught me and the SO offguard as we’ve both known people in that situation so we had to take a few weeks to get back into it.

Second this.

I think it’s a very sincere narrative about a totally original guy and about what is in many ways quintessential American Culture. As a guy living in the Pacific Northwest it was a helpful and humanizing view of the rural south.

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I know I am a little late here, but I just want to add that this is a very interesting podcast. There are a lot of twists and turns, enough to keep me listening to every episode straight through. When the uncle who went on a meth binge and was shot in the head was introduced, I thought this must be scripted, it’s that good.

By the way @DarrenfJ, what are some good podcasts related to coding, specifically for newbs, if possible

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Honestly, I don’t listen to many… other than the usual ones recommended here…

too busy coding, working, improv, stage managing and doing other stuff… my podcast listening is usually contained to a Saturday with coffee and goood times.