Same username for both Version Beta and Stable?


Is it possible to have the same username for both the platform like stable or original one and for the beta version. Like I started my Journey on January 4 and I’m so far consistent with my learning. I almost finish all the theoretical part and will go for the projects from next month.I found Beta is more organized. So I want to revise my learning with the Beta’s topics before moving on to the project.

So my question is it possible to get the same username for both the platform? I tried to use the same email address but I’m getting error everytime I logged in to beta.

Any solution or suggestion ?

I believe signup for the beta is disabled for the moment.

I don’t know. I created an account recently with their new without password system. But facing issues while solving challenges.

I just created an account and it is working fine.

Remember that all beta accounts are temporary. They will be deleted when FCC updates and beta is taken down.

re: the Beta

Most questions about the beta can be answered in this thread. If you have any other questions, please try searching the forum.

Thanks man.I read it and Appreciated for those links.