Where is the beta page that tracks my progress?

I wanted to learn Responsive Design but when I asked earlier in the week, the link (https://learn.freecodecamp.org/) does not allow me to log in. If you look at the screenshot below, every time I press the ‘Log In’ link, I get nothing but a hashtag at the end of the URL. When I go into the lesson link on this page, the Map does not show the progress made on the original beta page (or the one that was up last week).

Remember that beta.freecodecamp.org was always going to be temporary and in flux. It appears to be in a trasitionary period where it redirects to learn.freecodecamp.org which is apparently not connected to a user database.

I understand what ‘beta’ means but what if someone wants to earn one of the certificates offered? If you are donating to a cause, the least they can do is make users aware of any changes that affect productivity. Asking for an ETA for users to log in may be a bit much but I think it’s only fair to give a heads up. I’d really like some answers or a solution in this case because the answer given isn’t telling me anything I don’t already know:grimacing:

If you want your progress, including any certificates, to last beyond the beta testing period then you want to use freecodecamp.org. That has remained stable and users can still log in. When the changes go live, there will be some impact to freecodecamp.org including bugs that may temporarily affect users’ ability to complete particular challenges or access account features. There will be an announcement describing the changes when they go live.

Okay thanks :expressionless:

Remember that only the challenges marked with a * are required, so you don’t have to repeat all your progress.

It’s been a few days now and I haven’t seen my past work shown on this new page. The majority of my work was on the beta page. :neutral_face: