Scatterplot Graph test failing

All tests except test 8 work. I know it’s aligned properly and my date format has no issues in the other tests so it’s probably fine too. Can anyone help?
I’ve been stuck for days.

I just tested it and everything passed. Still having problems?

Yes, I am.
I guess it’s probably a browser issue or an extension.
I’m too stressed to try to figure it out, if it shows all tests passed for others, that’s good enough for me.
I’m going to submit and move on.
Thanks for the help.

Run into the same x-axis issue with the next test, just going to assume it’s working, finish up and move on.

That’s my advice to anyone who stumble’s upon this later.

Probably not the best plan. Many of these problems really are problems with the code and not an external factor. I’ve seen plenty of this that pass the eye test but not the software tests with real errors. You really should track down the external problem with this working code so that you know your future code is actually valid.

But you said all the software tests passed when you tested it.
I can be certain it’s an external issue if the results vary across devices and/or browsers.

Since the tests are run in your local browser, if the tests work for me and not for you, you have a local problem with your browser or computer (I’m running a recent version of vanilla chrome). You need to fix that problem because in the future if you run more tests and assume they fail because it’s the same “my code is right, the graph looks good, it’s just that axis alignment issue” you may miss actual problems and actual alignment issues.

You really need to determine the source of this problem. I suggest running a current, vanilla version of firefox, chrome, or safari (no extensions, no modifications) to test and then working from there. If the tests pass on a vanilla version and not your current setup, then the problem is in your setup.

Chrome is up to date, got rid of every single extension and then still got the test failing.
So I tried safari and got TWO tests failing.
Then I tried Brave browser and got a different test failing entirely.

Now, I’m genuinely interested. Not just for the sake of passing tests, I want to know how wildly varying results like this are possible.

I tried the next project and the tests are fine after getting rid of extensions, clearing cache and browsing data.
The scatterplot graph still fails, though.

Late Response.
Avoid Using the time in minutes and seconds, stick to using the seconds provided to generate milliseconds and then use that to generate any needed date objects and scales.

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