Scatterplot tooltip tests failing

I am in a pickle here as I can’t get the last 2 tests to pass simultaneously.

I have a tooltip defined (using the d3-tip library)

var tip = d3
  .attr("id", "tooltip")
  .style("background-color", "lavender")
    d =>
      d.Name +
      " " +
      "[" +
      d.Nationality +
      "]" +
      "<br/>" +
      "Time: " +
      d.Time +
      ", Year: " +
      d.Year +
      "<br/>" +
      "Doping allegation: " +
      (d.Doping !== "" ? d.Doping : "none")

whenever I have code like this:

  .on("mouseover", function(d){
  tip.attr('data-year', d['Year'])
  .on("mouseout", tip.hide)

I pass the test 15. The tooltip no longer shows so I don’t pass test 14

But when I have code like this

  .on("mouseout", tip.hide)

Here I am no longer passing the attribute to tooltip but the tooltip shows so I don’t pass test#15. I don’t know how exactly to fix it.

I tried passing the attribute in the definition of the tooltip itself but whenever I do all my dots go away. Does anyone have any experience with this or should I refactor and try and create custom tooltips using divs or something