Scatterplot Tooltips test failing

Hi everyone,
I finished the D3 scatterplot project, the tooltips appear and the “data-year” attribute is ok too, but it’s failing the 2 last tests about tootltips. And i really don’t see why the test fail? Can someone help me with this?

Welcome to the forums @Remi971.

Unfortunately, you won’t get definitive answers unless you post your code (in code blocks) or a link (preferable; especially codepen or, for example).

Tooltip errors on these projects are usually only a few things. Make sure you use a div as your tooltip, and not the text attribute like in the lessons. Also, don’t use any transition effects on the tooltip as the tests to detect the tooltips are not programmed to handle the delays caused by effects.

Good luck.

Thank you @jeremy.a.gray .

Here is the link to my project :

I did use a div for the tooltip and I didn’t use any effect and I use the 6.5 version of D3 .

The main issue is that you have a tooltip and a tooltips, both with id="tooltip" so the tests are getting confused. Drop the one at lines 33-37 and everything works. It’s a DOM violation for a document to have multiple elements with the same ID, but a lot of tools (like D3 and chrome) just fail silently on the error.

Indeed it works. Thank you very much @jeremy.a.gray :grin:

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