Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Arithmetic Formatter

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I have no idea what to do here in Scientific Computing with Python. I tried to understand it, but it just won’t work. can anyone help?

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Challenge: Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Arithmetic Formatter

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What have you tried so far? Where are you stuck?

I have listened to all of the videos and all the lessons, but I got stuck at the beginning where I had to create the arithmetic arrangement but it won’t work in the replit code, it keeps showing errors

What is your code? Can you share a link to your repl?

It looks like you deleted everything you have tried. That makes it very hard for us to help you.

Also, you changed the starting code, which means that you can’t run the test suite anymore. You need to reset
is this any better

The is better but you still don’t have anything that you have tried in there.

when i try any code it tells me its wrong and it doesn’t print anything

Right… If your code was perfect, then you wouldn’t be asking for help. But you are asking for help, and we need to see what code you tried so we can help you fix it. We can’t write the code for you.

Honestly depending on how strong you are you should work through the exercises at the website, it will help you build your skills. + the videos came from the same guy, Dr. Chuck, who runs the website.

I first did all the projects offline, on pycharm. What really helped me was copying some of the test strings from replit and saving them offline, then you can more quickly compare line by line what you are missing( usually spaces and such.

I am just taking a guess here, but I assume you have the same problem I had when i first started programming and faced this task.

The challenge here is formatting the output and align the individual problems next to each other.

From your first intuition, you migth have tried to do it as you were writing things down on paper, problem after problem, from top to bottom and ultimatelly tried printing them next to each other.

Things dont work that way, at least I haven’t found one, so I started to solve the task literally line by line and joining the lines all together in the end.

This perspective did the trick for me, maybe it’ll help you, too.

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