Scss and text editors

I’ve just started to use more and more sublime but I just realised I cannot use SCSS as easily as with CodePen.
If the browser or the HTML file does not recognize the .scss extension, How do I test my page when I change any styling?

I understand that for the final product you use any sort of external processor that transforms SCSS into CSS but that would be quite annoying for every time you want to see how your page looks as you build it.

Without any knowledge of back-end… Is there any CDN that can be used to shortcut that or am I missing an important piece here?

You’ll most likely set this up yourself. Check out gulp.js. It’s probably the quickest way to use SCSS.

Here’s something to get started with:

I’m not familiar with SCSS yet and it’s causing me headaches. I’m coding in Visual Code and the SCSS files in CodePen shoot a ton of CSS lint errors. I found an extension that reads the SCSS files and does not throw errors, but when I try to run the related html file in Visual Code’s live preview, it never renders as it automatically does in CodePen. I have no idea what CodePen is running in the background. I include all the external resource links that are visible in the html, css, and javascript settings in CodePen, but can’t get this to work at all in other editors.

Do you have any suggestions how I can get a pen that uses SCSS to work in Visual Code, for example? I’ve used other editors as well. I tried compiling the SCSS files in Prepos, but that still doesn’t work.

CodePen is fine, but I have a couple of problems with using it. First, the editor windows are tiny and hard for me to read. Second, I’d like to know what external style links and cdns I am using. I’m sure SCSS is great. I’m looking into installing GULP, but I’m learning and I have a lot to handle. I was just getting a handle on nodejs and npm then found out I couldn’t use them with my hosting service. There’s a lot to learn. Am I too picky? Should I just work in CodePen and forget trying to use Visual Code?

I’ve bounced around from Notepad++, to Brackets, to Sublime, to Atom, and they all seem to have their little quirks. Please help.