Second Project Portfolio

Hi everyone, I recently completed my portfolio as the second project for the FCC course. Would appreciate any feeback as I am new. Can’t figure how to get the menu to work on mobile.

Thanks in advance. Here is my link:


Looks like a great start. Bootstrap’s documentation has an example of a responsive menu, but take a deep breath before checking it out. It looks like a lot (and it is - I can never remember how to do it), so don’t get too freaked out if it’s overwhelming. You’re allowed to copy and paste that example in, making whatever changes you need to get the navbar you want. I’d suggest forking your current CodePen first by hitting the ‘Fork’ button up top:

Thanks for the advice! I actually used materialize and was not able to use their icons, not sure how to import it in codepen. I like bootstrap but I like materialize but I think for these projects and limiting in codepen will use BS. I have issues with js and jQuery working in codepen. It’s a bit strange.