See a funny way how to deal with copycats

The designer/ developer Dennis Snellenberg found his 2022 portfolio

stolen by many other “creatives.” Some of them copied his site almost 100%:

Instead of sending lawyers after them, he created

You can vote for the best copycat. Many have gone offline by now, many are still up though. My favorite is the technology advisor with the big typo in the hero section.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be quite so harsh. I apologize. I think his site has got some cool ideas. Just lacks a little on accessibility.

And his copycat idea is funny.

I didn’t even see your “harsh” version :joy:.

I love animations and all the cool gimmicks you can do in front-ends today, but you really have to be careful not to overdo them und ruin the average users UX.

My rules are layout before effects and keep all animations the user has no control over short.

Section that are for informations like restaurant menus or things like your bank account page should have as little as possible.

I aspire to this level of spice :nail_care: :smirk:

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