Seeking for advice

I’ve now completed the Basic JavaScript section of the curriculum.
I understand everything, besides recursion (there are 3 challenges on that subject).

I was wondering whether should I continue with the curriculum and start ES6 module and come back to recursion later, or should I try my best to understand it although I’ve already spent multiple hours on it and have tried to write stuff down on paper?

Hi @moonblade !

I would suggest moving onto es6.

It is totally fine if you don’t fully understand recursion.
It is a tricky topic.

If you want you can look into these resources on recursion but I would continue with the curriculum.

I hope you have all the resources available. It is best to continue learning recursion and don’t worry because it takes time to excel recursion. However, if you found it too difficult then you can start the ES6 module and then later go with the recursion.

TYVM, @jwilkins.oboe, @Naheed for your replies!