Seeking some career advice

Some background: I have graduated and worked as an electrical engineer in India and have now moved to the US. I am also trying to change my career and move into web development(full stack). However I am not having much success with getting interviews. Here’s my resume (need to know if I am doing anything wrong here). Also how is the job scene here in Chicago in terms of available opportunities and compensation?

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M a girl of 20yo I know it’s not much but it’s good to start early as my point of view. I was working in a ABC company for 6.5 months, got the experience letter from there as well, as the process was ramped down my manager suggested me some good companies where I can start again with better opportunities as I like to work more than I can n I have been winning best employee award for two consecutive months. After his advice I thought to go there for interview n I went to one of the best companies in the city. My interview went very well and the recruiter gave me a compliment after I was selected by them, they wanted me to sign the offer letter n do the joining by next week, n I was ready and excited about it but after a week when I went there they told me that the process for which I was hired for doesn’t have any requirements right now so we’ll shift you to a better process just allow us sometime, I was ready to wait n waited for the whole day but there was no response from their end, they took me for an operations round for a xx process which was hiring only the experienced people and experience should be more than 2yrs, still I gave the interview and the tl said that she is good but too young for this process and when I asked them that why did you’ll hired for such a process which didn’t had any requirements but they didn’t answered me and told me to wait for half an hour, after an hour one of the HR came n told me you are not selected n can leave for the day…m really pissed off after this n little disheartened as well…should I take any legal action against the company as I have my offer letter as well the joining dates ?