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Hello everyone .
First of all i would like to thanks FreeCodeCamp team and and specially Mr. Quincy-Larson for creating such a amazing platform for learning coding .I do not have college degree and i am teaching myself to code .I wanted to know it is possible to get a developer job without degree if some one have require skill set ?

Secondly i found in my learning that i should have to keep track of my progress path .Some time it happens that i stuck on things and it takes huge amount of time to settle that out . I am progressing towards FCC front end certificate and i am progressing well .I know python well and i have also create small projects in it .I am also learning flask to create my first website .My target is to become full stack developer and i really want to have good skill set . .Please suggest me some ways so that i can increase my learning and have descent portfolio within few months ?

If you want to leverage your Python skills, learn Django for creating a website. I couldn’t decide between flask or Django at first, but it seems that Django is kind of like what Rails is to the Ruby language. The major difference is that Rails is an MVC (Model/View/Container) framework using Ruby and Django is an MTV (Model/Template/View) framework using Python.
I’m also experimenting with Python modules like the included tkinter for interfaces and PyGame for basic game development.

Thanks for your writing .But i think you have not read my post throughly .

Hi M-Areeb.

What can I suggest is that, try to do freelance job. They are both great in the sense that you can test your skills, as well as, you can try new things. With regards to your portfolio, you change it every time you learn something new. And if you have successfully completed a freelance work, then you can add it to your portfolio. Little by little, you can achieve your desired portfolio. :slight_smile:

I hope it’s useful to you.

Thanks its seems good.

This has been addressed many, many times before.

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Very nice .I raeally need that .Thanks for your time and answer .