Set up wordpress on heroku. Some question

Set up wordpress on heroku. Some question
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I set up a wordpress site on heroku by following this guide:

but… at the end, the wordpress site I saw is not this:

but this:

Did I do something wrong?


is it because the github link he provided is 4 years old and probably I should update wordpress???

(link I used) :


I tried to figure out how to set up Wordpess on Heroku but I gave up. If you need a public-facing Wordpress site there are other hosting options that are better suited for hosting the Wordpress platform.

If you just want to play around with Wordpress you can use Cloud9 and do it for free I believe (I did in past while following a tutorial). These instructions might work:


yeah… I am trying digital ocean now.
heroku’s free plan is good for static sites only I think.


Cool, you should have no problems installing Wordpress on Digital Ocean.


… run into some issue while trying to customize the URL