Building my own website...break it down for me

I’m currently a bit over halfway through JS and Data Structures certificate program and I’m looking toward developing my own website using what I hope to eventually become comfortable enough with to utilize creatively. I’m also looking forward to future freelance endeavors where I’ll get a little cash on the side and use my website to show my skills and provide examples of my projects.

My questions are very basic:

What should I be looking into? I’m thinking GoDaddy or WordPress…but I’m highly unsure about where to start with these. WordPress I’m assuming is the best, but can someone provide me with links or advice that would help me in this endeavor.

Would it be easier to turn my Tumblr into a website? Some of my friends have done this, but when I looked into it it seemed a bit restrictive and I already have a blog there and I don’t want to disrupt it if I can use another website that I can link my blog to.

Finally, are there any questions that someone looking into what I’m looking into should be asking? Maybe that’s a bad question. Rather, I’d like some links in any case that work through this and that I can discover other resources on my own. I’d like to have a website that I can use to show what I’m doing coding-wise but I’m also a writer so I’d like to showcase things I’ve published as well as stuff I’m trying to promote on my blog.

That’s a lot. At the very least links if you don’t mind.

Thank you very much.

Hi GoDaddy and Wordpress are two different things.

GoDaddy is a host/domain seller.

Wordpress is a CMS.

If your looking for hosting there are various good options dependant on your knowledge of that area. I would recommend a shared hosting account if you are not experienced with server setups and would advise a person that is new to web hosting to look for a provider that uses Cpanel.

Wordpress is a great option if you want to create a blog or shopping cart site, offers lots of plugins for various tasks and is fun to play with. A shared hosting account usually offers simple install options for Wordpress.

If your looking to build a simple website i.e. a portfolio I would suggest that you stick with html/css/js rather than using Wordpress though.

Good luck.

Wordpress on their hosted site is very limited in that is mostly for blogging, however if you were to self install, it can be very versatile, especially if you know PHP.

I host on bluehost and have several wordpress installs on there. Including my portfolio. It’s not fancy but it gets me jobs, so while i want to update it I haven’t put a high priority on that. And I would just learning to edit and make your own themes if you go that route. I’ve set up quite a few WP sites over the years because content updates are very easy even for the lay person. Every thing from brokerages to yoga instructors and none of them had blogs.

I currently run a membership site and my personal site on wordpress.

Hosting like on godaddy (do not recommend, their service is a PITA), bluehost, hostgator etc is usually shared on a LAMP stack. Which is fine. But if you need more, like access to Node you may want to do more research.

If you just want a simple site for portfolio stuff and link back to tumblr…you could also look into github pages.

I also keep an pro codepen account to show off my live code examples (some are embedded on my website, but most aren’t) I’ve gotten more than a few contacts off of that as well.