How to create a .com website from scratch please help

Or I’ll need someone to create one for me

  • As regards “how to create a website…”, for what? What have you tried? What’s your end goal? Is it interactive? Does it need a backend? Building a website could involve any of a million different things, you need to be more specific.
  • As regards soliciting work, you know this is a forum focussed on beginners, right? Would it not make more sense to request quotes from professionals and see how much it would cost?

To add to Dan’s statements, there are plenty of sites and youtube videos explaining the simple steps to getting a functioning web site. (It’s basically a three step process: 1) get a domain name 2) get a host 3) build a trivial index.html. And steps 1 and 2 are often combined and step 3 often happens automatically, making it a 1 step process.) And most web hosting companies will step you through the process.

This site is more geared around how to make that site do interesting things.

Two questions:

Are you a programmer? If yes then are you just looking on how to set up a domain? Not to advertise, but GoDaddy is a website that lets you set up a domain. Not sure whole process works though.

Are you a client looking for a website? If yes there is a decent amount of free lancers here that would gladly accept offers to build for you. Just click on there profiles and PM them and see if they are able too.

As everybody here has mentioned,

This is the place to learn how to do exactly what your subject describes.

However your message implies that you aren’t here to learn, but to employ one of us perhaps?

As other posts have mentioned, you are probably better off consulting with a professional agency.

I’d be happy to build something for you though. I would see it as a challenge in itself. I can’t prioritize your project over my own curriculum though.

The best thing you could do though, since you have come as far as signing up to post in this form, is to start learning the code. It’s really fun, and the community here is filled with people ready to help you in the learning process.

Do the first 101 challenges on here. Get your hands dirty. If you like it, keep going. If not, you will have invaluable knowledge on the basics of structuring a web site, and you won’t need to pay anybody else a dime.

Obtaining a .com is simple. In fact as some have said, you can do all of this at once. Sometimes you can sign up for a web host, and they will throw in a domain name.

Having a domain name is an efficient way to redirect traffic wherever you want. Even without a web host, it is simple to point to your Facebook page, or even a codePen or GitHub page.

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