Setting up wordpress on digitalocean. (customize domain name issue)

I need some help regarding wordpress and digital ocean.

I created a droplet, installed wordpress on it, successfully set up my own username, password, site name etc.

Then I was trying to link my ip address to the domain I own.

I went into bluehost (where I purchased my domain) I linked all 3 name servers I have on digital oceans to the domain.

Then I went into wordpress settings, changed wordpress address and site address to the domain I own.

So, now whenever I keyin the ip address, my site jump to (the address of my own domain)

BUT, it gives me this error:’s server IP address could not be found.

Is it because it takes some time to let it work? Or I just messed up.

It looks like you are working on Step 5 of this setup:

Make sure to read the How To Set Up a Host Name with DigitalOcean link.

You can set up a Wordpress site and host it on Bluehost. I did this before. It might be easier to do this since you purchased your domain name from Bluehost.

yes, that’s where I entered in my custom domain in both URL settings.
then now I cannot log into the site,

bluehost is a lot more expensive than digital ocean. I think one is 5 bucks, the other is like 11 or something.
tried it, decided to host it on digitalocean instead.

I see, yeah Bluehost is kinda expensive. I would contact Digital Ocean support.

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I forgot to set A record and CNAME record in my digital ocean settings page…

Apparently once you set up both, the site works fine now.

Thanks !

Support is for quality members on DO who buy much.

Like some users not got answer to ticket about 2 weeks.