Volunteering, create a website

Volunteering, create a website


Hi, developers! I need your advice :pray:

I am thinking of volunteering to create a website plus a blog for a volunteer organization.
Am I able to open to the website public for free after I create them or it needs to use a hosting service? I can create a website, but I don’t know how to do a deployment.

Which blog platform is easy to edit and update for anybody with no programming skills? I want the organization to able to update the information by themselves.

Which host service is good for this situation?

Any thoughts would appreciate :grinning:


Just use Wordpress for your CMS and your host. They can get you set up with a domain and will let the organization add their own content.


Thank you for the reply. What about hosting? Do you know good hosting service for this situation?


Wordpress (the company) will take care of hosting. Otherwise, just about any VPS service like DigitalOcean will have a one-click creation process for hosting a Wordpress site. That may require more configuration, though.


OK! Thank you for your help!