Non-profit organization project


As my first real world project I would like to make a website for a non-profit organization, it’s a shelter for stray cats. I would like them to be able to receive donations (maybe the Paypal “donate” button) but also I want them to have a blog to expose their work and adoption stories.
I learned HTLM5, CSS3, Python and Django…half way on JS here in FCC but I will learn whatever is necesary to build this.

Would it be a good idea to use Wordpress or Drupal? I want to make this as easy as possible for them to use. Sorry the long post, I know maybe I am over thinking.

Please help, any feedback is welcome.

Yes use wordpress it’s easy to use and u quickly can use a site and maybe teamvieuwer :3

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If your choice is either WordPress or Drupal then definitely go with WordPress. It is infinitely more easy to use, especially for non-technical users.

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Use WordPress and get some Paypal plugin. Find some free (or inexpensive) WP templates. Easy-peasy.

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Thank you all for the advice! WordPress will be then :slightly_smiling_face:

Shelters use a lot of images: at least one per animal that comes in, more for featured adoptions. WordPress is a good solution for blogs and a CMS-lite, but do look around for some sort of media manager for image-heavy sites, plus alternate media storage such as S3. Both of those features should be available as plugins.