First Prospective Freelance Job

It’s seems that my sales pitch to help a non-profit with it’s website worked, so I got a link to the page and a brief description of what they want:
-change servers
-Add pages

When I look at the code I think is a Wordpress site (I haven’t learnt about it) with over 2000 lines of HTML several CSS folders along with minified JS files

-What are some good follow up questions
-How should I request access to the files
-We never discussed money and based on my experience should I do it for free or asked for a small compensation

Hey @MagitekEliteWitch,

Congrats on getting your first freelance gig! That said, don’t do any work for free. Quote them a figure based on your hourly rate (whatever you decide that should be). I’d also recommend agreeing upfront on the scope of the project, and charging more if that changes.

You should find out who set up and/or currently maintains their website. They should be able to grant you access to the files.

Good luck!