Website hosting in cloud for non-profit organization

Hello, I am helping a non-profit organization to setup a website (start with static content and extend feature). The main requirements are member registration, dashboard view of the projects and collect donations at the moment. I am drafting an overall architecture based on a cloud provider (ie. AWS primarily).

Can you please suggest a cost effective technology platform to achieve the goal?

Domain registration already done
UI - (Angular or React framework) I am just saying…

Please suggest some insight of how to start with and what technology stack is the best for the given requirement.

Appreciate your response. Thanks !!


These two things conflict: the second thing is an application, not a website. No matter. Anyway: AWS gets quite expensive. If you can find a service or services that provide the three things that are required, then leverage them, even if it is only for the short-term; the cost of using a service/s is likely to end up being [much] less that building everything and hosting it using Amazon’s myriad services. Amazon can probably provide almost anything you could possibly need, but they do like to charge. If you can use services that all have an API, you can basically just build frontend UIs and host them on S3.

  • Stripe can do donations, and they offer fee discounts for non-profits. It’s unlikely you want to be building anything to do with money yourself. Stripe generally seem to be a good option for taking payments (for variety of reasons).
  • Registering of members: this is not terribly hard with a database + some service/framework etc. You need to be very, very careful with people’s details though. Google to see if there is anything readymade you can use, a service that will handle it for you. AWS can do all this but it gets complicated super quick.
  • Projects is the easiest part: you’re not likely to have [as many] security concerns around that and simply following a basic tutorial for a backend framework, modifying the names of stuff a bit so it matches projects (rather than “blog” or “shop” or whatever the tutorial is) and then deploying the app will get you 90% or the way there. WordPress will handle this fine for example. That being said, there are a million and one project management services floating around, so previous advice applies there.
  • Front ends just display this stuff. Angular/React/etc: doesn’t make much difference, they are but a small part (albeit the only visible part for users)