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How many of you think that finding the right design and color platter for your project is a struggle??

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an artist, so ya, not my favorite thing to do or something I’m particularly good at when I try. That’s why designers exist I guess. But I am good at picking apart their designs and finding accessibility flaws :slight_smile:

Same goes for me, but have been trying to develop my eye for better design. Anyways, it was nice knowing about your thoughts on that.:slightly_smiling_face:

seriously it’s annoying but i learned to forget about it and focuse on doing the practical part to pass the projects tests (i’m still learning at the very start) :sweat_smile:

Right so I have a masters in illustration, putting this in my wheelhouse of being able to give advise.

For designs, look at existing webpage design around the same subject as your project. Think about,

  1. Layout. How does the layout direct you to certain functions or features of the website?

  2. Typography. How do the fonts used create a certain mood or theme? How many fonts does the webpage use?

  3. Colour. Are the colours used supposed to evoke certain emotions? Are the colours neutral or brighter and more vivid? Why?

I’d advise reading up on visual/graphic design as a subject.

Once you’ve got an understanding of graphic design it becomes much easier to find and think of the ‘right’ design and pallet for any given project.

As for pallets,

I use lospec for pallet ideas. It is for pixel art but some of the smaller colour number pallets are great start for webpage pallets.

W3Schools also has free to use pallets. These are totally free to use for anything.

A very important thing to remember about pallets is that some people are colour blind. Do not rely solely on colour distinction for important UI elements and such the like.

For now, i think it’s alright to focus on the logic and functionalities to understand how things work. But, you might have to focus on design later, when you’re trying to create projects to add to your resume/portfolio to catch the employer’s attention. Anyways, keep going.:+1:

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Thank you for your advice, Ella. Glad to get some insights by someone, who is experienced in this domain.
Might ask for help in the future, if needed.

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